Moral Humanism in the Fourth Transformation of Mexico

Of Fernando Buen Abad

Every political action carries within it the real philosophy, with its contradictions, of every system in which it takes place. In it are the embryos of history and, sometimes, of the peoples who have developed a critical consciousness of the reality that surrounds them and a proactive awareness of the tasks before them to transform it. In these embryos is identified the substance, in struggle, of the morals required for an emancipated life. There is no need to fear it. But for some, it is desirable to deny morality any space in the social debate. It disturbs them because it inconveniences them. Not a few tend towards denialist ridicule and take pains to pass themselves off as “superseded beings” who dispense with morality because it is “old”, “useless”, “hindering” or “reactionary”. But the problem is quite different.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, calls for the creation of a “Moral Constitution” that will act as a “guide of values” to influence the practices driving the “Fourth Transformation of Mexico”. It is a question of affirming new paradigms of conduct, energized by the Mexican people against the macabre scenario and the social rupture caused by neoliberalism. It is an initiative against the horror of poverty, violence and corruption “naturalized” by the bourgeois economic system that has savagely attacked a multicultural people and subjected them to the worst of exploitation. It has depressed and humiliated them, deprived them of education, health, housing and work and, furthermore, it has crushed them with alcoholism, drug addiction, machismo… and the media war of private monopolies. Ideological barbarism in its splendour.

The idea of a “Moral Constitution”, based on democratic, secular and national values, has from its foundation the challenge of operating at the heart of the class struggle, not as a palliative loaded with “good intentions”, but as an emancipatory political program capable of characterizing, with precision, the objective perversions of the ideology of the ruling class and its concrete expressions in the plundering of the natural resources and wealth produced by the workers. That is why the new “Porfirio Días” are already updating the disqualifying verbiage (they say that morality is a blackberry tree) and are preparing to ridicule López Obrador’s project and its role as a mobilization of values and actions that will become a collective conscience towards a new historical, political, economic and objective psychic stage in the new processes that recover the best of our history and, especially, consolidate better patterns of dignifying and emancipating conduct.

All this implies taking away from the Mexican oligarchy its material and subjective control over the working class (working, peasant and indigenous) and consolidating the bases of national coexistence without oppressors or oppressed, strengthening the unity of Mexicans, redefining internationalism, recognizing the plurality of identities and their conflicts. The “Moral Constitution” will require a theoretical and practical effort to re-establish solidarity and respect for individualities – with their privacy – without losing sight of their inalienable social being. It must be a force of conscience for action against the corruption inherent in capitalism… its innate violence and the impunity with which it has unfolded throughout its history. Morality thus, for honesty, for peace and for social justice with concrete respect for human rights and the definitive eradication of the abuse of authority. A morality of equality. Certainly, the defense of Human Rights demands a concrete base with objective definitions on the quality of human life, with integral health, clean ecosystems, social justice, dignity and honest happiness. Good living for all. It is not a matter of philanthropic abstractions in demagogic discourses.

With the term “Moral Constitution” there is no room for the method coercion with “laws”, that is why it is fundamental to understand it as a political movement of humanist roots, not to impose behaviours or beliefs of conjuncture, but to raise the level of coexistence based on principles of a good life for all, strengthen values and rescue our class identity and our roots as cooperative people.

Mexico needs to rebel against the values and principles inoculated by neoliberalism, but it also needs to free itself from the ideological scourges that have been manufactured in certain classrooms and in some bureaucratic deformations of politics. In other words, to free ourselves from conservative morality that imposes itself as tedious, stony and absolute. Mexico needs to abandon all philosophical escapism and link moral thought to life, not as a simple theoretical requirement nor as an absolute requirement.

Translation by Internationalist 360°

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