Crisis in Northern Syria: A Look Inside the Real Idlib Today

By Steven Sahiounie, cross-posted from

The situation in the province is a far cry from western media reports

Idlib has always been a small farming area, but the western media has inflated it to gargantuan proportions.  There were only 34 hospitals total in Idlib, and yet we hear of dozens of hospitals being hit by airstrikes.  The Syrian American Medical Society(SAMS) is a pro-opposition group headquartered in Washington, DC and funded by the U.S. government.   SAMS served only those areas under terrorist occupation.  Former members call SAMS “Al Qaeda’s MASH unit.”

San Antonio is the county seat of Bexar County, Texas.  The population of the county is roughly 2 million, which is comparable to Idlib province, Syria.  Imagine an armed terrorist group, funded by the enemies of the U.S. were to occupy the county and hold the civilian population hostage.  What would be the response of the county Sheriff, and the U.S. Military?  Would the President listen as the Presidents of Canada and Mexico urge restraint and a cease-fire, allowing the terrorists to receive more weapons and reinforcements from over the border?

The original inhabitants of Idlib province, as of March 2011, were typical farmers, shop keepers, and all the normal occupations you find everywhere.  Agriculture was the biggest industry there, as it is home to some of the finest olives and pistachios.  Prior to the war, Syria was ranked 7th in the world in olive oil production, and Idlib province played a major role.

As the crisis in Syria spread and worsened, many people of Idlib fled to areas of safety.  Em Ahmad said she went to sleep one night in her home in Idlib, and as it approached dawn, she heard a loudspeaker informing everyone that Jabhat al Nusra had taken control of the region.  She got up and grabbed her purse and car keys and drove to Latakia.  Most people tell you the same story: we left just with the clothes on our back; we were sure we would return in a few days.

Not everyone left.  Some decided to try to make the best of a bad situation, and try to wait it out; the same mental process people are faced with before a tornado or hurricane.  They are willing to take their chances, hoping the situation will be over soon, and their lives will return to normal.  Maybe they were so attached or invested in their home, farm, shop, office, or factory that they were unwilling to surrender it so fast. But, the days turned into years, and along the way, the terrorists became increasingly more difficult to live under.  They occupied every empty home, and when thousands more terrorists came flooding into the area from Turkey and from the “Green Buses”, they wanted everything.  They had weapons and were cold-blooded murderers.  When they came to a house, the owners were expected to leave immediately, and quietly.  Everything they worked for was gone in an instant.  Many faced a worse loss, as the terrorists demanded their wife, or sister, or daughter as a sex slave.  They were an ‘army’ and it was useless to think of fighting back.

The “Green Buses” delivered thousands of armed terrorists and their wives and children to Idlib, as part of peace deals made between the Syrian government and the terrorists.  This happened from Homs to Aleppo, to Deraa, and East Ghouta.  These were hardened Jihadists aligned with Al Qaeda and in some cases ISIS.  None of these were moderate rebels, even though they had all been funded and supported previously by the U.S., UK, NATO, EU and the Arab Gulf monarchies.

Some of the original residents went along with the terrorists because they followed their Radical Islamic ideology.  They were possibly the most fortunate, as they could accept the terrorists as ‘brothers’ and adapt to their lifestyle.  They would be employed as agents, reporting back every detail on their neighbors, and hoping that as long as their neighbors were getting flogged, raped, or maimed, they themselves would be spared.   Some of the residents made aprofit off providing supplies to the terrorists; in war, everything is for sale.

Idlib today is full of foreigners who have no connection to Idlib.  The Chinese government is aware of almost 5,000 Chinese citizens in Idlib.  A list of nationalities in Idlib would encompass the western world, Africa and Asia.   The western media talk about the ‘rebels’ fighting back as they are being attacked by the only legitimate army of Syria (SAA) and its Russian ally.  Pres. Putin said long ago, he could either fight the terrorists on the streets in Syria or fight them on the streets of Moscow.  The global Jihad is spreading, and one day could reach the streets in the U.S.


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